Here at Composium we've been very busy the last 12 months having fun producing music and songs for projects as varied as Calvin Klein fashion; touring live over the USA and Europe with Brooklyn band Camera2, who's video debuted on Rolling ; having 3 songs delightfully shimmied to on the Las Vegas stage by Miss Melody Sweets; and launching a new project of songs and videos called Stringfellow
Plus not forgetting our continual placement of much music across the big screen and small.

And lastly but certainly not least, a huge congratulations to our own Tim O'Heir for his Grammy nomination for the Original Broadway Cast album as well as his Tony nomination for 'Best Sound Design' on the hit Broadway show 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' staring Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig.

Click HERE for our main reel.

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For a separate campaign we were asked by fashion giants Calvin Klein to write and record a series of 6 indie-style tracks to accompany these make-up tutorial videos for the CK One line. 
Keeping an edgy, youthful theme throughout and bringing the tremendous vocal talents of Miss Myra Flynn and Miss Carly Perahia into the Composium fold.

See the full series HERE

Newly released Stringfellow 
aka Mike Williams is his latest project of songs and videos set to epic soundscapes of a by-gone era. Evoking deliberate images of the silver-screen and movie soundtracks with the two videos being shot and edited all in house. This song again features a haunting guest vocal of Myra Flynn.

See HERE for more info and another video shot in an abandoned movie set along the Rio Grande in West Texas.
The Butterfly Mind
An original score for this short movie 
titled The Butterfly Mind written and directed by Brett Hammond. 
A tense drama of a father trying to come to terms with the loss of his son. 
This short gained favorable recognition at numerous film festivals in the US and Europe.

Our piece titled 'Collin's Run' starts at the 
4minute 50seconds mark.
Click the image to preview the brand new track we composed and recorded for the most recent 
Calvin Klein's Men's runway show in Milan. It goes along with a series of tracks produced for CK's shows over the past few years. 

For more show tracks see HERE
and HERE .
Over the past 2 years we've worked with the SVA of New York creating several 'World Tracks' to accompany their Arts Abroad program video. 
From Flamenco in Barcelona Spain to Belly Dancing Istanbul Turkey these pieces help take us on a Journey to mystical lands.

See another HERE
As coincidence would have it, not only did we help shoot a recent interview with legendary Dave Davies of The Kinks for our friends Gibson Guitars New York, but Composium's Michael 'Miguelito' LaMorte recently wrote, directed and edited this short film inspired by The Kinks song 'Death of a Clown'. 
Check out the accompanying soundtrack version plus original scoring by 
Mike Williams AKA Stringfellow. 
The song starts at 5 minutes 5 seconds.

Click HERE to see the Gibson interview
with Mr Davies.
PRESS - A Q&A with Ultimate Ears monitors
A recent interview with our good friend Ken Richards at Ultimate Ears about my UE on-stage in-ear monitoring set-up while playing live for Camera2. 

Click HERE
A radio interview with Mike Williams by Dogstar Rose and Liverpool Community Radio about an ex-pat musicians life in NYC. Fasten your seat belts!
Here's two recent tracks continuing the series we've been composing for Calvin Klein, the first for their Holiday in-store video December 2014.
Click image for play or stop.
And the second for the the Mens Fall fashion runway show previewed in Milan Italy January 2105.
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Quicktime Required
A great shout-out and mention of Camera2 by author 
Peter Allan Lloyd who penned the book Bombed Out about the Liverpool music scene in the late seventies and early eighties.
A great insightful read even if you were not around to be part of the shananigans back in the day.
We recently got a interesting placement for the song 'Ghost' by our band Goodfinger in a video exploring the POW caves and tunnels in Vietnam. The accompanying article goes on to mention the connection between Composium's Mike Williams, the Liverpool and New York's Music scenes, and then on to Mike's current band Camera2
To listen to the song in the video click HERE and to read the article click the image to the right.
Our latest composition for the Calvin Klein runway show in 
New York City.

Click the image on the right to hear our track to the show.
New York band Camera2 shot this video a little while back with some interesting results. Our very own Mike Williams not only plays drums and performs in this video but also did a nice side gig of prop Styling the shoot too. Yes we do it all folks!
Click the image to view the video.
Our good friends Enstereo approached us to mix one of their songs. We loved the track so much that we did just that.

Click on the image to hear the track.
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A fun little holiday tune we co-wrote for Las Vegas pin-up Miss Melody Sweets who currently sings 3 of our songs in the long running Absinthe show at Caesars Palace.

Take a listen here then do yourself a favor and buy it on iTunes