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recent projects

Having worked many times before with Vegas starlet

Melody Sweets, we're happy to announce a brand new collaboration for her upcoming comedy baking show on Youtube. Check out the

co-written and produced accompaning score as well as the Big-Band style theme tune.

With well over 100 tracks placed over many seasons of this long running hit series, this medley presents just a few of the more popular tunes creating that open road vibe.

Calvin Klein continues to expand boundaries with their impeccable style and fashion, using modern day synthetic sounds combined with a classic orchestral movement. Over the years Composium has worked closely with CK on numerous projects from creating the appropriate soundtrack for their 

catwalk shows to, a series of indie-sounding tunes matching the youthful flavor of several make -up tutorials

Another close up view of the commercial world adding a fresh new sonic attachment for M.A.C. and a collection of beauty products.

Nashville based singer and actor Alexander Patsos has just released this duo of powerful rock songs putting to song the global confusion the planet has been through the last couple of years. Co-written, produced and mixed by Composium click the image for the track 'Beautiful Drive, and HERE for the second track 'Cosmic Cry'.

Soon to be released Horror flick iPossessed includes 3 period style tracks written, recorded and mixed by Composium helping evoke nostalgic moments from decades gone by to this gripping story.

A hip, edgy piece pushing the pace of the video in collaboration with legendary fashion icon Tom Ford.

This hit dance show found itself compelled to choreograph to some of

Miss Melody Sweets bigger, more cabaret style dance songs, as well as a smattering of hip hop and indie tracks we also produced. Co-written with Melody, Burlesque In The Black album was then produced mixed and arrange by yours truly. We continue to write and record with Ms Sweets frequently.

Venturing into the world of reality TV this episodic show about the daily life of the owners and patrons of a Brooklyn record store comes with a theme tune made up of numerous styles with the one common thread of dance music from over the years.

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